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About Us

Sheep + Goat = Supermilk


By choosing Shegoa you have the benefit of both sheep and goat milk in the one formulation. The benefits of the Supermilk are: Easier digestibility and higher absorption.

Shegoa has faster digestibility than cow and goat milk. It can be fully digested within 45 minutes and therefore may results in fewer intolerances and digestive issues for children. Naturally high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, including six that are structurally the same as Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) found in breast milk.

Unique protein that is A2 like and does not contain any A1 beta casein Higher in medium chain fatty acids, which means that these fats may be easier to digest.

Naturally contains 60% more protein and calcium than goat and cow’s milk and has a complete amino acid profile. Smaller fat molecules when compared to cow which makes it easier for your baby to digest.

Australian Made & Owned

Grass Fed & Non-GMO

Scientifically Formulated

NZ Sheep + Goat Milk